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"You could tell something had changed." Bryan Santiago said that when he went to visit his brother in Alaska last August, he said Santiago told him he was hearing voices and felt he was being chased. Authorities in Alaska on Saturday defended their interactions with Esteban Santiago. FBI Special Agent in Charge Marlin Ritzman told a news conference that Santiago broke no laws when he walked into the Anchorage FBI office "making disjointed comments about mind control." He characterized Santiago as a "walk-in complaint," which he said offices around the country receive daily. Anchorage police were called to the office by the agency, told Santiago he was having "terroristic thoughts" and believed he was being influenced by the so-called Islamic State group and was taken to a mental health facility, city Police Chief Chris Tolley said. Santiago had left a gun and his newborn child in his vehicle when he went to the FBI office. Police held the gun until Santiago was released and contacted him about picking up the weapon, which he did on Dec. 8, Tolley said. Authorities would not confirm whether he used the same gun Friday. "There is speculation that it is the same gun.

Plenty of other nomads This hasnt always been the case, but at least in recent years, digital nomads have been flooding to Thailand for the reasons Im listing here and others. That said, you can be sure that just about wherever you go, youll find like-minded people living a similar lifestyle to you. You can also join communities like Nomad List , which connect digital nomads both online and offline all around the world. They take shopping seriously Whether youve been to Thailand or not, you undoubtedly know about its markets. You can buy just about everything in there, from clothing to housewares to shoes, local and exotic foods, and tour packages and souvenirs. Still, the markets arent for everyone, so its nice to know that Bangkok has some of the largest, most ostentatious malls in the world, like CentralWorld and Siam Paragon . Chiang Mais Maya Lifestyle Mall and recently-opened Central Festival are also good, albeit less grandiose, options for those in the north. If you still cant find what you need, Amazon also ships to Thailand , though youll need to alter your search process a bit to filter only for those items eligible to be shipped to Thailand. Amazing weather This post wouldnt be complete if I didnt say it: the weather in Thailand is remarkable.

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