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In addition to this, there is the Lincoln memorial commemorating the contribution of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA to the nation's history. They defy any truth in the text narrating the past and render it of no use in the present times. ◼ Modernist historians believe in depth. Hoover was not able to save the American economy from spiralling downward, in spite of authorizing aid to the farmers. Washington was born on April 5, 1856 to a slave mother. Keep reading to know more about this man's life. These quotes will inspire you for setting higher goals in life. In other resume writing, the main aim is to sell your skills in a precise and concise manner in order to facilitate the employer, as well increasing your own chances of getting short-listed, but it is not the same case here. He was hospitalized with immediate effect after the mishap. In times of baneful discrimination, he uplifted his people and empowered them to etch a better future for themselves. Notably enough, there are about 10,000 recognized living species of birds in the world, and each of them possesses a unique characteristic.