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These are the things we would have guessed you'd want from our articles about home and design, and we were right. Below are our fifteen most popular home posts of 2016featuring bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and of course kitchens and their accessoriesand some thoughts on what we learned from seeing you love them. #15 A Duvet Cover Hack We're Stealing from Hotel Bedding by Alex Kalita Instead of using a duvet cover (which can be ornery to take off and put on every time you go to wash it, not to mention expensive) try layering two flat sheets on either side of your comforter. Then, the trick: a smart way to fold the top section so it's nice and tidy (there's a little gif in the post to show you how). Same look, less hassle. What we learned: All those things that annoy us about keeping up a pretty home? They bug you, tooso it's worth finding a better way. More From Food52 What we learned: Expert coverage on common (but confusing) kitchen upkeep tasks are welcome. #13 How I Broke All Marie Kondo's Rules & Still Tidied My Kitchen by Amanda Sims You weren't deterred by my horrifying photography skills, or the fact that I wrote about cleaning out my kitchen four times that week , or my failure to abide by Marie Kondo's rules.

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