I have no estrogen in my body. My skin should be really dry and problematic," Anderson said. "But I feel like I really have been protected from that, and I give credit to the Omega 3. I give my cells every boost that I can give." Now Anderson also drinks the Arkadiance teas and uses the skin creams, which she likes because they feel luxurious without heavy ครีมหน้าใส facebook perfumes that bother her, she said. "I've never been one to spend big bucks on beauty treatments of any type. I just don't see the value in it," she said. "But I see huge value in health. ราคา ครีมหน้าขาว I really am drawn to this whole concept of health first and then health brings beauty." 'I'm having so much fun' Dr. Euna Koo is sold, too. Koo, a local dentist, also is an old friend of Kulkarni's and has served as a sounding board for the business. The Arkadiance face cream is the first product Koo has used that keeps her skin feeling pleasantly moisturized all day, despite all the times she has to take her mask on and off, she said.

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