Brands have developed sizes based on their core customer, who might not be you. Her example: the Abercrombie & Fitch shopper is เสื้อยืดครอบครัว much different than the Chico shopper. So think about who is shopping for and wearing clothing from the store you're in, or the rack you're in front of, and that will help you determine what size never mind the number might suit you best. Of course, this frustrates shoppers, it frustrates retailers who sell multiple brands to a huge range of those frustrated shoppers. When True Fit researched return rates in their retail network in 2015, the results were astonishing. Analyzing $40 billion in transactions, women returned dresses at a เสื้อทีม 57.9 percent rate and bottoms 42.3 percent. And only 3 percent of every 100 customers have confidence to buy and feel they got it right. Now you understand why True Fit came into being. Another useful thing to know: most brands have fit models on who they size their clothing.

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