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Hidden Costs: The Debt If you were making a list of the things you'd need to be a bachelorette, clothes would likely be right at the top, but some major costs are a little less transparent. They arise when you consider that you'll have to put your entire life on hold for an unpaid season -- that's six to 10 weeks' worth -- of filming. Harris remortgaged her home to cope with the costs. And while some "Bachelor" contestants are lucky enough to return to their day jobs after filming, others have lost their jobs if they didn't have a flexible time off schedule. Possessionista writer Dana Weiss told Mic in 2016 that she personally knows of bachelorettes who cashed out their 401k's to offset the costs of the show, while others have gone into substantial credit card debt. Learn: How to Trick Yourself Into Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt Potential Profits From Being on 'The Bachelor' On top of the initial investments and opportunity costs, competing bachelorettes face another big kicker: Candidates report that they don't receive any monetary compensation at all for appearing on the show. At best, some bachelorettes say they've been gifted a few swag bags containing sponsored items -- likely not enough swag to repay that "Bachelor"-incurred debt. It's a tough pill to swallow considering that being the Bachelor is a job that usually makes about $100,000 per season. Some contestants have gone on to star in the spin-off, "The Bachelorette," where they can make upwards of $100,000 as well.

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