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One F1 aficionado and a guest will be overnighting in the Williams garage at Silverstone the night before the British Grand Prix. The prize is being laid on by Williams sponsor Martini and Airbnb, and you can rest assured the winner wont be sleeping in a pool of old oil next to empty paint cans and a greasy rag. Theyll get to meet Williams driver Felipe Massa (pictured) and Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams before bedding down next to the teams FW40 cars (and presumably being woken at the crack of dawn by the noise of spanners and screwdrivers). Massa who retired last year, only to return to Williams as a last-minute replacement for Valtteri Bottas said: Forme, the Williams Martini Racing garage has always felt like a home away from home and I cant wait to welcome the winners at Silverstone. F1 at its fastest: Felipe Massa and his pit crew in action More The Williams garage and pit area is home to F1s fastest pit crew. They regularly record the fastest pitstops less than two seconds to change four wheels and this week they said they wanted to break the one-second barrier. What makes this even more remarkable is that the pit crew all have other jobs as well they may be mechanics, strategists, engineers or suchlike but still train for the pressure of an F1 pitstop. The competition winners will be hoping that Massa and team-mate Lance Stroll have a trouble-free qualifying session on Saturday. Because, if they crash, that night in the garage is going to be anything but silent as repairs are carried out If youd like to enter and what F1 fan wouldnt jump at this prize then head over to airbnb.com/night-at/wmrgarage Dont forget your toothbrush Reblog

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