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FILE PHOTO - Inmates Bruce Ward(top row L to R), Don Davis, Ledell Lee, Stacy Johnson, Jack Jones (bottom row L to R), Marcel Williams, Kenneth Williams and Jason Mcgehee  are shown in these booking photo provided March 21, 2017.   Courtesy Arkansas Department of Corrections/Handout via REUTERS "It is unfortunate that a U.S. District Judge has chosen to side with the convicted prisoners in one of their many last-minute attempts to delay justice," Judd Deere, a spokesman for Rutledge, said in a statement. CONDEMNED PRISONERS The lawsuit behind the injunction was filed on behalf of nine condemned prisoners. One of them was never put into the execution schedule for April. Two others won stays of execution from state courts, leaving six of the original petitioners currently in line for their executions to be carried out. The state's mixture of drugs used in executions has brought legal challenges, and Baker's ruling on Saturday also raised questions about whether one of them, midazolam, was effective enough at preventing pain during executions. Arkansas employs potassium chloride in combination with vecuronium bromide and midazolam. The latter drug is intended to render the inmate unconscious before the other two chemicals are administered to paralyze the lungs and stop the heart. Governor Asa Hutchinson has said the state must act quickly because its midazolam supply expires at the end of the month. John Williams, attorney for some of the death row prisoners welcomed Baker's ruling, saying it was legally sound and reasonable.

The Sam's Club offer , which was sold out as of April 10, used the same marketing tactic. Any member of the warehouse club who placed an order on its website received a "Tastes & Sips Sampler" full of snacks and drinks, along with an Easter-themed tote bag. It's not a revolutionary idea, but it's a simple way for Sam's Club to put products into its consumers' hands in order to get them to try them. In many ways it's a digital variant of what the warehouse clubs do in their stores, handing out free samples of everything from entrees to snacks and beverages in an effort to get customers to try, like, and buy the sampled product. This is a smart idea By offering the free sample bags (which were also available for purchase for $14.53) Sam's Club has taken a concept familiar to its members and brought it into a digital age. Some consumers, much like they do in the stores, will simply be happy to get something for nothing and won't ever purchase any of the sampled items. Others, however, may find a new favorite. That could lead them back into a Sam's store or to to get more. This is not a revolutionary idea. Instead, it's a smart use of a website that will have multiple benefits for the chain. If the store continues this each month, it should drive digital traffic as consumers rush to buy something to get each month's offering before it has all been claimed.

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